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We are commited to the development of our youth.

Corporate Social Investment in Johannesburg, South Africa is often defined as a way of demonstrating corporate social responsibility and engaging in activities that improve the social, environmental and economic well-being of a community. Corporate Social Investment is about doing good in a meaningful way. It’s about being a good corporate citizen and demonstrating social responsibility – caring about issues that matter and supporting efforts that solve problems and challenges in society.

Impactful Corporate Social Investment projects speak to the values of Merge Designs and makes a positive contribution to our brand. Corporate Social Investment is not about putting plasters on gaping wounds – our efforts need to achieve real change and you should partner with Merge Designs who understand how to make this a reality.

Recent Events


We are proud to announce that Sekgopi Primary School were the recipients of the educational furniture donation from Merge Designs social responsibility program, R90 000 worth of tables chairs and fun cars were donated to the school to ensure a more friendly and comfortable learning environment for the students.

This is part of our ongoing commitment to the education of the youth of SA. The furniture was delivered to Sekgopi Primary School on Thursday 13th September 2018 Merge Designs wishes to thank Campos Transport for their donation of the transport of the furniture to the school and Wunders Johannesburg who donated a couch for the staff room.

Previous Recipients Of Merge Designs Educational Donations

Senior High School

“Thank you very much for the donation you made to our school.”

Dr. MM Mathe
Principal, Bhukulani Senior High Scool

Primary School

“It is heartwarming if we interact with companies like yours who go the extra mile to make the lives of our children better.”

Mrs. GM Mojela
Riverside Primary School

San Salvador Home For
Intellectually Disabled Women

“Thank you for taking the time, care and effort to support us.”

Mary Langschmidt
San Salvador Home
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